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It all started with a vision. Literally.

One night in 2009 as I nursed my infant daughter to sleep, the Lord gave me a vision of my family in a beautiful garden on a farm.

The garden was full of people. We were talking and laughing, kids were playing. I could feel the plants brushing my hands, I could hear the children’s voices. I realized I didn’t recognize any of the people in the vision… but they felt like friends.

These were my people. The sense of peace, contentment and deep joy was unforgettable.

At that time, we lived in the city with a toddler, an infant and a 10’x10’ vegetable garden. I was scared to tell anyone about my vision. I kept it a secret.

But I somehow KNEW it was our mission to turn this vision into reality. Eventually, I told my husband “I think we’re supposed to buy a farm…”

So we did. 

When we pulled up to the farm for the first time, my heart lurched. This was the farm from my vision. We sold our home in the city and moved to the farm.


We began a new life. 

A life centered around farming and sustainability.

A life revolving around the natural rhythms of the earth.

A life that allowed us to truly connect with God, people and the planet.

We spent years trying to figure out how to make the vision come true. Along the way, my husband got “dahlia fever” and decided he wanted to grow a large patch of dahlia flowers. I was resistant at first (you can read the full story here), but eventually they stole my heart as well.

Those flowers forever changed our life. 

One day, as my husband and I were harvesting flowers together, feeling an incredible sense of peace and contentment, we looked at each other and said “Can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone had the opportunity to spend time surrounded by flowers like this?”

That conversation was the birth of what is now known as “The U-Pick Flower Garden” at Three Acre Farm. Over the summer, we open up our gates and watch the vision become reality.

That sense of peace, contentment and deep joy? Yup. I feel it every single time. And I’m not the only one.


There is something about flowers that makes people open up and connect with others on intimate levels. I’ve never experienced anything else like it.

Complete strangers come to the farm to experience the flowers and share their stories with me – stories of joy and happiness, stories of weariness and brokenness… and some stories that bring me to tears.

We feel honored to be part of your story and love knowing that our work is helping to make this world a little bit brighter and more beautiful.

No matter what their story, everyone leaves our farm with a smile on their face. We discovered the beauty of flowers is deeply powerful and deeply healing.

We invite you to come experience it for yourself. 

Every person who steps through our garden gate is one of those people from my vision in 2009. Welcome, friend. I’ve been waiting for you. 

Lori (and John) Hernandez


P.S. Want to grow your own flowers in your backyard? I’ve got everything you need to know in “Backyard Cutting Garden 101”. You’re going to LOVE it. I can’t wait to help you grow!