1. When you arrive please park and enter through the white gate. Next one of our employees will provide you with a bucket and scissors if you need them. You will be shown the different types of flowers we have that day in bloom and the price of each stem. We will also show you how to best cut your flowers for the vase.

  2. Next, you will use your sink to fill up your bucket, vase or pitcher.

  3. Now its time to relax and enjoy the garden while picking your beautiful bouquet. Usually this process can take 30-45 minutes. Feel free to sit and relax on a bench or take some photos.

  4. Once you have made your perfect bouquet you can exit the gardens where our staff will count the flowers you choose and you can pay them. The $25 deposit will go towards the final price.

  5. The fun isn’t over yet, please have a seat and have a snack or play some games. We have a playground for the kids and also some fun family games.