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*I wrote this essay in 2013. Praying and planting seeds has become part of my Good Friday ritual since that time. I highly recommend getting out in your garden if possible. God has so many powerful revelations to teach us through His creation.*

Easter Sunday is coming, friends. 

But first, we have to live through Good Friday. 

The older I become, the more emotional I am on Good Friday.  The older I become, the more overwhelmed I am by ultimate sacrifice of Jesus.  The older I become, the more significance I find in simple things.  Like gardening.

Today, I went out to the garden to plant the first seeds of the season and talk to God (we have our best conversations in the garden).  After a bitter, cold spring, the ground finally thawed enough for me to plant peas.  It seemed fitting to me that today would be a good day to plant, a good day to bury seeds that appeared to be dead and dormant, but would soon burst forth with new life. 


The garden beds were ready and waiting, prepared last fall.  After a bit of raking to smooth the soil, I dug shallow furrows and painstakingly began to place the seeds.

And that’s when I suddenly found myself with tears streaming down my face, drenching the soil near my hands. Overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.

Each seed I placed in the soil represented my sins.  Too many to count.  I gave those sins names as I placed them in the furrow.  Pride.  Hatred.  Complacency.  Lies.  Self-Centeredness.  Gossip.  Conceit.  Bitterness.  Unjustified anger.  Covetous Thoughts.  Vanity.  Contempt.  Selfishness.  Lack of concern for my neighbor.

The list went on and on.  I felt broken, dirty, ruined.  Despicable.

After all the seeds were place, I began to bury them.  With each swipe of my hand, the seeds were covered by the soil, no longer visible… just as Jesus came to earth and sacrificed Himself on the cross so He could cover up all my sins. 

My sins.  Not just the sins on the whole world.  He did it for me.  He would have suffered in the same way, even if I was the only human on earth.  And He would have done the same thing for you. 

This ugly, wrinkled, insignificant, dead-looking seed will grow.  It will thrive and grow strong, beyond my wildest dreams. It will produce food that will nourish and bring health to my family. 

And it’s just the same with my life.  Jesus takes my sin, my ugliness, my weakness when I confess those things and hand them over to Him. He covers them up.

He transforms me into someone who is whole and has purpose.  Someone who brings hope and healing to the world. He does the same for you, friend. Only He can take something so wretched looking and make it beautiful.

As I knelt in the garden, naming and confessing my sins, Jesus covered up all my sins and I left the garden with a clean heart, a clean mind, a clean soul.… ready to grow and thrive for Him, so that I can nourish and feed the souls and bodies of His children. 

I discovered transformation in the garden is not just for plants, but people as well. 

Today I shared tears in the garden with my Savior.  Tear of grief, tears of regret, tears of shame.  Tears that He had to suffer for me.  Tears that He had to weep in a garden too…

Sunday is coming.  Today is a day to mourn, friends, but in two days my heart will be bursting forth with joy and praise.  I hope you’ll join me.

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Maxine Kilcrease 4 months ago · 0 Likes  

Lori, what an incredibly beautiful post!!!! May I share the it with others? I send out homemade cards and a “family news and devotion) to 20 home bound people across the country. I will refer them to your your posts. Please let me know if I have your permission. Thank you.

Lori Hernandez 4 months ago · 0 Likes  

Maxine, sorry about the delay getting back to you! Yes, go right ahead!

Deb Jackson 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thank-you Mary and Lori, this refreshed my soul today! Blessings for Easter.

Lori Hernandez 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Deb, so glad to hear that!

Mary Cory-Cory Family Farm 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thank you, Lori! I am sharing your post with our farm newsletter today as well as beginning my own tradition of this sort.

Lori Hernandez 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

I love that! Have a wonderful Easter!

Michelle 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

It continues to amaze me how God meets us where we are. It doesn’t matter if its in the grocery store, the doctor’s office or the garden. He is always there, willing to talk or simply listen. Your story of how he meets you in the garden is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing and I wish you a very happy Easter. We have so much to rejoice in and praise him for.

Lori Hernandez 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Yes! You are totally right. We just need to pause and acknowledge Him.

Thank you so much. Hope you have a happy Easter as well!

TJ B. 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thanks so much for sharing. This gave me much needed perspective heading into Easter Weekend.

Lori Hernandez 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

TJ, you’re welcome. It provides a great way to pause, be still and listen.

shelly 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Tears…this is amazing. Thank you for sharing!!

Lori Hernandez 2 years ago · 0 Likes  

Shelly, you’re welcome. It’s a powerful practice each year I do it.

Evangeline 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

What a beautiful visual picture of what Jesus did for us! I was planning on planting my seed potatoes today and I think I will follow your example.

Lori Hernandez 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Oh, what a great idea, Evangeline! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed Easter.

Cyndi Lewis 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

This is wonderful. You have a book in you.

Lori Hernandez 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Cyndi, thank you… and I think you may be right. It’s been swirling around for a while, but I haven’t been able to put the thoughts into words yet.

Stephanie Scheerhorn 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

This is so beautiful, I am crying as i read this and reminded of how sacred this time is. Thank you for sharing this post, it really touched my heart.

Lori Hernandez 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Oh Stephanie, I’m humbled. Yes, it truly is a sacred time and deserves space in our hearts and lives.

ap 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thank you for this simple reminder – that He came to take our place on that Cross, He did it while we were less than nothing, sinful creatures, without a thought of Him in our heart’s – He died to set us free. That is an unconditional LOVE, to love someone in spite of themselves’ with all their faults. This time of the year always seem bitter/sweet to me, but I know that He loves me in spite of all my faults.
Thanking you for sharing.

Lori Hernandez 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Oh yes, SO bittersweet. That is the perfect word to describe this season. Isn’t His love so overwhelming? Thank you for sharing your heart.

Jamie Asper 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Beautiful! I’m so glad you know Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour! Happy Easter and a good Friday to you as well!

Lori Hernandez 3 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thank you and I hope you have a joyous Easter with your loved ones!

Tim V 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

beautiful reminder of our beautiful Savior
Thanks Lori

Tracy 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

Just love this. Thank you for sharing.

Lori Hernandez 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

You’re welcome, Tracy. Wishing you a weekend filled with beauty and goodness.

Shana 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

Beautifully written ❤

Lori Hernandez 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thanks Shana. Have a blessed Easter!

Erika 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

Yes! I feel the exact same, it does feel so much more intense the older we get. It is a sweet humbling reminder of how loved we are.

Lori Hernandez 4 years ago · 0 Likes  

Thanks for sharing, Erika. Yes, His love for us is incomprehensible. It blows me away.Newer PostHow to Create a Sensory Garden!Older PostHow to Grow: Sweet Peas

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